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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Crayford Commercial do?

Crayford Commercial is organized along two business verticals.

First, we purchase wholesale goods from leading brands and distributors for retail sale in various e-commerce channels. We have a deep background in listing optimization & management that allows us to efficiently grow performance via efficient PPC advertising, improved positioning and market analysis.

Second, we help brands manage and protect their e-commerce listings on leading channels through a comprehensive listing audit and analysis. This includes helping improve listing images, advertising copy, 3rd party seller authorization and management, as well as competitive positioning.

We are eager to help you grow your business’ online presence through one or both of these verticals.

What e-commerce platforms do you sell on?

We are experienced with retail sales on Amazon, Shopify,, and other major e-commerce sales channels. We maintain a presence on each of these sites for retail distribution.

What brands have you worked with?

Below is a representative list of brands that we’ve partnered with:
– Maybelline
– Playtex
– CoverGirl
– MAC Cosmetics
– Youtheory
– Amy’s
– Bulletproof

We’ve had a bad experience with Amazon / other e-commerce sellers previously. Why should we work with you?

Unlike other e-commerce retail distribution companies, we believe the value proposition that we can offer is through lasting, long-term partnerships. We’ve built our business on this fundamental premise, that we are not zero-sum participants in the supply chain. Our team is excited to speak with you about what we can bring to the table for your company, aside from simply our ability to execute on purchase orders.

How can we get in touch?

Please reach out to us via our contact page, or send us an email at

Let’s work together to grow your e-commerce brand